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Updated February 24, 2017.

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New Hampshire Legal Aid. Rent Withholding

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Under New Hampshire law, a tenant is permitted to withhold rent in certain circumstances and still be protected from eviction for nonpayment. It is never unlawful to withhold rent, and tenants often withhold for various reasons. This discussion concerns withholding rent in order to address serious defects in the apartment threatening health and safety, and how NH law can work to protect tenants. This is a somewhat complicated procedure and must be done very carefully.   GO>

New Hampshire. Dept. of Justice. Consumer Sourcebook. Renting, Security Deposits, and Evictions.  GO>

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Real Estate / by Charles Szypszak. 2003  GO>

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RSA 48-A. Housing Standards  GO>

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RSA 128. Town Health Officers  GO>

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RSA 540. Actions Against Tenants   GO>

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RSA 540-A. Prohibited Practices and Security Deposits

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Find it in a Library ... New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated

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Find the New Hampshire statutes in print at libraries throughout the state.   GO>

Find it in a Library ... New Hampshire Landlord & Tenant Law Annotated. LexisNexis.  GO>

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Learn About New Hampshire Statutes: New Hampshire statutes are the laws of the State of New Hampshire as enacted by the New Hampshire General Court. GO>


140 NH 583 (1995). Penrich, Inc. v. Sullivan

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RSA 205–A:15 and :17 establish a procedure by which tenants of a manufactured housing park may bring a petition alleging health and safety hazards and which provides that the court may, if it finds that such conditions exist, authorize the withholding of rent until the conditions have been abated. The statute plainly makes no allowance for rent withholding absent a court order.   GO>

151 N.H. 82 (2004). Hutchins v. Peabody

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"We hold that the language of RSA 540:13-d is unambiguous. According to the plain language of the statute, when a premises leased or rented for residential purposes is in substantial violation of the standards of fitness for health and safety, and the violation materially affects the habitability of the premises, the tenant has an affirmative defense to an action for possession based on non-payment of rent."   GO>

2016-0158. Ken Henderson & a. v. Jenny DeCilla

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RSA 540:13–a provides a defense of retaliation in any possessory action for the tenant's good faith reporting of what the tenant reasonably believes is a violation of RSA chapter 540–A or of certain housing regulations, or for initiating an action in good faith pursuant to RSA chapter 540–A. The defense is not available, however, if the tenant “owes the landlord the equivalent of one week's rent or more.” RSA 540:13–d also provides the tenant with a defense if the leased premises “are in substantial violation of the standards of fitness for health and safety set forth in RSA 48–A or in local codes, ordinances or bylaws established pursuant thereto.” This defense is only available, however, in an action “based on non payment of rent.” Moreover, although RSA 540:13–d provides an affirmative defense to a possessory action based upon nonpayment of rent, nothing in the statute authorizes a tenant, absent a court order, to satisfy a rent obligation by paying such rent into an escrow account.   GO>

Find it in a Library ... New Hampshire Reports

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Find the New Hampshire Reports in libraries throughout the state.   GO>

Learn About New Hampshire Cases: New Hampshire case law consists of the published opinions of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. GO>


City of Manchester, NH. Code of Ordinances. Chapter 150 Housing Code

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This is an example of one city's housing code ordinance establishing minimum standards for heating facilities. Most towns and cities in NH have ordinances online; if not, check with the town.   GO>


New Hampshire. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Health Officer Manual. Housing Standards

Link verified on: April 21, 2017

The Health Officer Health Officer may enforce minimum standards for rental housing, including: safe drinking water, availability of hot water, garbage control, properly functioning septic systems, vermin control, adequate heat, and that walls and roofs do not leak. Health officers are often requested by tenants to inspect rental housing to determine if the rental unit meets the health and safety standards established under RSA 48-A:14.   GO>

New Hampshire Law Library

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The state's only public law library. Call, email, or visit, we'll be happy to help.   GO>

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